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With the right drug possession lawyer, pleading out is not the only option! Below is an extensive list of MA and NH drug possession cases that might have been pleaded out if they had been handled by another Lawyer. But drug possession Attorney Bowser works diligently on your behalf, questioning each and every claim made by the Prosecution, one piece at a time. In the more challenging cases, Attorney Bowser knows how to aggressively take a drug possession case to trial and win. Let a proven drug possession lawyer protect your legal rights in MA and NH. Call 1-888-526-9737 between 9AM and 5PM or send drug possession Attorney Bowser details of your NH or MA arrest in the form to the right.

MA Possession of Unlicensed Firearm Charges dismissed

Driver encounters local police who are called to investigate a dispute between two of his female passengers at roadside. After determining that no crime has occurred police are ready to release the driver who has told them that there are two (2) handguns in his car but he is licensed to carry in NH where he lives and at present he is only a short distance from the border. State Police arrive at scene just as driver is set to return to his car and drive home. Upon learning of the reported handguns State Police Trooper immediately enters car and opens closed glove box seizing two loaded handguns. Defendant charged with two felony counts of Illegal Possession of Firearm, each carrying mandatory jail sentence. Defense files and argues Motion to Suppress alleging that Sate Police lacked reasonable articulable suspicion to search vehicle and seize handguns without first investigating status of driver’s right to carry firearm in Massachusetts in violation of his rights under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights . Motion to Suppress granted, both felony gun charges dismissed.

MA Possession of Controlled Drug With Intent to Distribute Charge dismissed

Police respond to citizen report of suspicious vehicle in her neighborhood which abuts busy tavern/restaurant parking lot in otherwise residential area. Although the described vehicle is not found a short time later the police notice a second vehicle arrive in area and stop briefly to pick up a woman who has parked on the side street next to the tavern. Police follow vehicle as it circles approximately one (1) mile through neighborhood before returning to tavern where woman is dropped off at her car. Plain clothes detectives immediately approach woman on foot and simultaneously execute stop of client’s car. Search of client’s car and person disclose in excess of $8,000 in cash, a ledger and various narcotic pills. Defense files and argues Motion to Suppress alleging seizure of defendant’s vehicle and person were without reasonable articulable suspicion of a crime and violated his rights under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. Government counters that the neighborhood is a high crime area and experienced police detectives recognized drop-off pick-up sequence and driving pattern to be consistent with an illegal drug transaction giving rise to a basis to stop the client’s car. Court agrees with defense that police were acting on a mere “hunch”, and although ultimately proven correct, the police lacked specific facts to justify the warrantless seizure. Motion granted, all drug charges dismissed and seized vehicle and $8,000 cash ordered returned prior to forfeiture action.

Drug Possession of Controlled Substances Charges Dismissed (NH)

Client is stopped by police observing traffic at highway tollbooths. Police instruct driver to pull over based on alleged failure to signal lane change and alleged sight obstructions hanging from rear view mirror. Police claim driver freely and voluntarily consents to a K-9 search of his vehicle which results in seizure of marijuana and LSD. Defendant denies he granted police consent to search interior of car with k-9. Defense challenges legality of initial motor vehicle stop, consent to search and scope of detention, including K-9 search. Court rules stop of vehicle unconstitutional. All drug charges dismissed.

Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Controlled Drug Charge Dismissed (MA)

Police observe client’s car traveling through hotel parking lot. Vehicle appears to be driving too fast and makes wide right turn as it passes unmarked police unit. Officer turns around and stops vehicle as it exits far side of hotel lot. Driver produces license and registration while officer sees in plain sight small amount of green vegetative matter in plastic bag in center console. Officer orders driver from car where he is questioned and admits there is additional contraband in car. Police discover additional marijuana packaged for sale, a scale and money. Defense Motion to Suppress allowed by Court as hotel parking lot was not a “way” for purposes of enforcing civil motor vehicle laws and possession of less than one (1) ounce of marijuana is not a crime under newly enacted Massachusetts statute and did not give rise to probable cause that a crime was being committed. Drug charges dismissed.

Not Guilty Verdicts Drug Possession & Handgun Charges (MA)

Police execute search warrant at client’s home. During search drugs are found in bedroom area shared by client and girlfriend. Illegal handgun recovered in common area of home outside of basement bedroom. Insufficient evidence to establish beyond reasonable doubt that client alone had knowledge, dominion and control over drugs and handgun. Not guilty verdicts following trial on all drug and gun charges.

Drug Possession of Controlled Substance Charge Dismissed

Police stop client for marked lanes violation just after midnight. While producing license and registration police ask driver whether he has ever been arrested before. Driver admits that he has prior arrests for OUI and Possession of Marijuana. Police ask whether there is any contraband in vehicle to which driver hands a pipe used to smoke marijuana. Subsequent search of vehicle reveals an additional amount of marijuana. Defense argues police violated defendant’s right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure as questioning went beyond allowable scope of typical motor vehicle violation stop, in that driver should have been cited for violation and allowed to leave. Defense Motion to Suppress allowed, Possession of Controlled Substance Charge Dismissed.

Drug Possession of Controlled Substances Charge Dismissed (NH)

Police stop pick-up truck for alleged loud muffler and traveling through toll both employee parking lot. Officer alleges that both passenger and driver are acting nervously after handing over license and registration and calls for back-up. Once back up arrives, both driver and passenger/client ordered to exit truck. Two ounces of marijuana found rolled up inside knit hat on passenger seat. Defense argues continued detention after initial stop for loud muffler was illegal and beyond scope of allowable detention where there was no evidence of ongoing criminal activity and “nervousness” doesn’t constitute evidence of crime. Defense Motion to Suppress Evidence allowed, Possession of Controlled Drug Complaint Dismissed.

Possession of Controlled Drugs Within School Zone & Intent to Distribute Charges Dismissed (MA)

Campus police receive reliable information that freshman is keeping marijuana in her dorm at the request of her boyfriend for sale to students on campus. Campus Police do not obtain a search warrant and instead wait until the next overnight shift to knock on the student/client’s dorm room door at 1:00 a.m. Upon opening door police walk in turn on lights and immediately begin to question student about presence of drugs in room. Client becomes emotional, crying and retrieves the drugs for the police. Defense argues consent cannot be established as exception to warrant requirement because it was coerced and the result of an initial illegal entry into dorm room. Defense Motion to Suppress Evidence Allowed. Drug Possession, Possession with Intent and School Zone Complaints Dismissed.

Possession of Controlled Drug Charge Dismissed

Client is stopped for failing to dim his headlights as police officer passed in the opposite lane of travel. After stopping the car, officer smells a strong odor of marijuana. After calling for back-up, officer orders client from the vehicle over the cruiser’s PA system. When questioned, client denies ever using drugs. After an initial pat frisk of client reveals nothing, officer decides to search the car, where he finds a picture of the defendant smoking from a bong. Officer then conducts a second pat frisk of the client and finds a film canister containing marijuana. Defense argues that the continued detention of the defendant exceeded the scope of the permissible inquiry given the basis for the initial motor vehicle stop (failure to dim high beams). Defense Motion to Suppress Evidence Allowed, Drug Possession of Marijuana Complaint Dismissed.

Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Charge Dismissed (MA)

Police stop client for red-light violation. Defendant becomes agitated with Police yelling at him to hang up his cell phone. Ultimately client is dragged from the car by police, brought to the ground and handcuffed. Initially the Police charge the defendant with OUI and remove him from the scene. Arresting officer removes shipping package from front seat of client’s car before it is towed from scene. Police admit that seizure of shipping container was not part of any inventory policy and that they later had to open package using knife to cut shipping tap. Inside several varieties of illegal steroids are found. Defense argues search of car and seizure of shipping container is not a valid inventory search nor a valid search incident to arrest as the defendant is already in custody and removed from car. Defense Motion to Suppress Evidence allowed, Possession of Controlled Drugs (Steroids) Charge Dismissed. Not guilty on OUI charge at trial.

Drug Possession Dismissed

Client is stopped after allegedly touching the center line on two occasions and swerving within his lane. Client is ultimately arrested for operating with a suspended license. An inventory search of the vehicle yields a small amount of marijuana, a tin foil pipe and some roaches in the ashtray. After client is arrested and transported to the station, officer finds a small bag of cocaine in the back seat of the police cruiser, which was not there prior to client’s arrest. Defense argues that the defendant’s car was stopped without a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity thus requiring the suppression of all after-acquired evidence. Defense Motion to Suppress Evidence Allowed, Complaints for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Cocaine are Dismissed.

Past successful case results are not a guarantee or promise of a similar result in your case. Each case is factually distinct with various applicable legal standards. Further, as a trial lawyer with the experience of hundreds of completed Jury and Bench DUI trials in Massachusetts and New Hampshire Attorney Bowser understands the risks associated with the adversarial trial process. Any lawyer who claims never to lose cases doesn’t really try cases, especially difficult cases. Anonymous factual/legal summaries are authorized in advance by clients.

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